Mould Evaluations

Moulds are ubiquitous in nature (essentially always present) and indoor mould growth will occur wherever there is a suitable combination of food, temperature and moisture.

We provide consultation to identify and determine remedial measures necessary.

We provide a full spectrum of services related to mould inspection, sampling and remediation, from an initial check for major issues through to remediation of the affected areas by trained and qualified contractors to remove potential hazards associated with mould contamination as well as follow-up sampling.

We have worked closely with homeowners, commercial property managers, employers, personal care homes, hospitals, government agencies, recreation complexes, insurance companies and mould abatement contractors to assist in mould investigation or remediation jobs.

Each situation is different, but our services could include any or all of the following:

Initial evaluation

Where a problem is suspected, the first step is to perform an initial evaluation. This evaluation can quickly determine if mould growth is an issue. The initial evaluation is mainly a visual inspection, but we can also employ thermal imaging techniques as well as moisture meters to detect concerns that might otherwise go unnoticed.


We offer sampling services using several different methods. Air-O-Cell methodology employs a non-culturable method which allows results to be determined quickly. This method does not distinguish between viable and non-viable spores, but can also detect the presence of hyphal fragments. Sampling can also be done using a standard RCS centrifugal air sampler which collects mould spores on strips of agar, which are incubated to allow the enumeration of viable mould spores. This method detects only viable mould spores and results take at least 7 days. Sampling for mould-generated volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) can also be performed. Instead of sampling for mould spores, this method detects specific VOCs that are generated from the metabolism of growing mould.

Determination of remedial measures

Development of an appropriate course of action for mould remediation, including the type and level of remediation required under Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines, if appropriate, as well as any additional precautions that are appropriate given the specific circumstances.

Supervision of remediation activities

Monitoring remediation activities to ensure mould is effectively removed in a safe manner consistent with workplace safety and health guidelines.

Post-remediation air sampling to confirm effectiveness of the remediation

In many instances, post-remediation sampling is recommended to ensure that all sources of indoor mould growth have been addressed. Mould within wall cavities is often not visible, and airborne sampling is used to confirm that remediation has been effective.

Detailed interpretation of laboratory results and recommendations if necessary.

For Insurance Adjusters

We offer independent oversight of mould remediation activities following basement flooding, plumbing leaks, roof leaks or other situations. We work with mould remediation companies to develop a scope of work, provide consultation throughout the remediation process, and perform final air clearance sampling to confirm the effectiveness of the mould remediation activities. We have performed inspections from former grow operations to sewer back-ups to small basement leaks in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

For Homeowners/Property Managers

Testing the air in your home or apartment for mould is usually the first thing many people ask for when they suspect the presence of mould or have discovered mould growth. Our services would include a comprehensive inspection of your home for the presence of mould or potential concerns with respect to mould (evidence of water damage, poor ventilation, or high moisture). In most cases, a thorough investigation based on building-science principles is more helpful than testing the air, since air samples cannot pinpoint sources of moisture, tell you why you have a mould problem or suggest ways to fix it. If testing is warranted, air sampling can be performed to determine whether or not mould may be an issue, and there are several different options for performing the testing.

All of our assessments for mould –related issues are customized to suit each individual situation. We will work with you to determine if mould represents a potential concern and will develop a practical, cost-effective plan to address the indoor mould growth when issues are noted.

If you have a problem or suspect you may have a mould-related problem but are unsure as to how to proceed, please fill out the “request a quote” form and we will contact you to determine an appropriate course of action.